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Custom live-edge tables

Locally sourced reclaimed wood – Epoxy – Fractal Burn



Woodland Artistry specializes in live edge tables, epoxy resin “river” tables, conference table, dining table, coffee table, countertops, bar tops, restaurant furniture and more.

Much like anything created by nature, our creations are truly one-of-a-kind. The result is a head-turning piece of decor that's as unique as the people and space that surround it.

Available for custom orders only. Sizes, pricing and lead time will vary. Usually takes 2-4 weeks to create and deliver. Wood tables start at $800.  Epoxy resin “river” tables start at $1,800.

Please contact us to discuss custom order details. The price depends on tabletop dimensions, design, base configuration and wood type! Please include these details in your inquiry, if possible.

We have access to locally sourced slabs and can discuss sizing, pricing and all other custom work with you.

“I am in love with this table. I constantly get compliments and smile every time I look at it. Now I'm considering having one created to for a dear friend as a special wedding gift.”



Redwood Burl

This was originally 2 pieces that were the remnants of a gorgeous door we did. Our craftsmen joined the pieces seamlessly before we did the finish work. The black lightning was created by a process called "Fractal Burning" with a tool the produces high voltage electricity and burns random paths into the surface of the wood. After the artist completed this work, we applied 2 layers of UV Eco-Epoxy to each side of the table to make it waterproof and to preserve the deep rich color of the natural redwood.


Ironwood with Blue River

This table is created from 2 pieces of red ironwood that were remnants of another project. We found them just in time as they were on their way to the landfill. Imagine our surprise when we cleaned them up and discovered the rich red color and fine grain that had been hidden under the oxidized grime! One of the most interesting aspects of this piece is that nobody can decide which side should be "up", so we've decided to place it on legs that allow it to be flipped over and displayed whichever way the owner prefers that day.