Tree Removal

Hristiyan likes tables because they are unique and fun. He enjoys watching a tree become an object that can be used as piece of art.  If you take one slab and have four different people work on it, you will get 4 different tables.  His favorite form of art is transforming spaces into something that is not just absolutely beautiful and soothing but also highly functioning and efficient.  He strongly believes society in general needs more beauty and aesthetic.

Kristen loves how elemental and raw each table is. There is so much to discover in each piece of wood and then adding a water look or a fractal burn to the piece can really make it a gorgeous microcosm of nature art to be explored time and again.

Being in the construction business for 20 years in the bay area has laid the foundation to grow into Woodland Artistry.  With access to a local mill, our projects are all created from unique and eco-friendly urban salvaged/repurposed trees.  Our workspace is in the American Steel Studios in West Oakland.